Maintenance Moulds

Maintenance all types of moulds:

All types of molds, steel, aluminum or any other alloy,
Injection molds,
Blow molds,
Concrete molds,
Shell molds,
Rubber molds,
Roto-molding molds,
Composite molds,
Lost wax mold,
Glassware mold.
Maintenance / renovation of the molds:

Dismantling and cleaning after production phases,
Resumption of joint plans
Maintenance / cleaning of control circuits,
Verification / replacement of pipes and connectors, hydraulic,
Sanding / polishing / graining.
Mold repair:

Placing reported pavers
Recharging by welding or laser welding,
Machining new or used spare parts on 5-axis machines,
Evolution / modernization of the molds:

Recovery forms following evolution definitions,
Integration of new components,
Instrumentation of existing molds (addition of sensors, supervision, …).
Rental financing
Maintenance contracts