Automotive Parts

We specialize in the manufacture of extrusion-blow molds for engineered parts. Our goal is to provide you with molds that will allow you to surpass your competitors. We design and manufacture molds for parts that are used in multiple industries:
  • Filler tubing for fuel tanks
  • Fuel tanks
  • Windscreen washer fluid reservoirs
  • Air ducts
We design and manufacture molds for the following processing technologies:
  • 2D-continuous extrusion-blow molding
  • 2D-extrusion-blow molding using accumulator
  • 3D-suction extrusion-blow molding
  • Two-stage extrusion-blow molding using preforms
Various features can be integrated into our molds:
  • Insertion of labels inside the mold (In-Mold Labeling or IML)
  • Integrated full or partial cutting
  • Insert molding
  • Motion controlled release of undercuts
  • Unscrewing
  • Punching